Gun-Owner Voter Turnout is More Important Now than Ever!
By Ron Benjamin

We have all heard the saying, "Elections have consequences." Yes, elections are perhaps more important than many gun owners realize. Here in Pennsylvania, we need to be sure we are registered to vote, vote, and have our family and relatives cast their votes to ensure we keep our gun rights. The recent experience in the state of Virginia is an object lesson of another saying; "If you snooze, you lose."

Last November, Virginia's legislature fell under the control of the Democrats. What had been a Republican majority was replaced by liberals and they have been a busy bunch! As soon as the new legislators took office, they spent the first month passing ONE anti-gun rights bill per day and the governor signed them all! This situation occurred because only about 41% of eligible voters voted in the last election. That is a dismal turnout at the ballot box when a Constitutional Right hangs in the balance of an election outcome.

In response to all the new gun laws, Virginia gun owners staged a protest rally in Richmond and many openly carried firearms to emphasize their gun ownership. That January rally with guns did not change anything, but Ballots the prior November would perhaps have made a real difference. In Pennsylvania, our representatives as well as judges at all levels are elected from the state supreme court on down to the local level. Hunters and all gun owners need to get involved in elections like the gun owners in Virginia now vow to do. Let's not snooze and lose!

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