You may not like President Trump, or you may hate him, but stop and think how much improved America is since he took office.

This is the most important election in the history of the United States.

This election is not about how popular an individual is, but it is about protecting our rights.  

Some of the thinks we are voting for:

  1. For law and order, not rioting and looting.
  2. Freedom and the American Dream.
  3. Protecting our 2nd Amendment rights to protect ourselves.
  4. To keep the electoral college so a few overpopulated areas don't control the election.
  5. For the military and veterans who fought and died for our rights.
  6. Voting for the flag that has been disrespected by many.
  7. Right to free speech and able to express our opinion.
  8. The right to praise God and attend church.
  9. Securing our borders against illegal aliens.
  10. For protect the unborn that is risk being aborted.
  11. Just name a few!

Stop and think, we do not want America to become a Socialist Communist country.  Get out and vote for our good and against evil.

Get out and vote for the candidate/party that will best uphold our values.

©2011 • Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania