Message from USP’s “NEW” President

By USP President Phil Wagner

My name is Phil Wagner, from Union County in Central Pennsylvania. I will be 67 years old next month and have hunted and fished since my father taught me at a young age. I have been the North Central Director of USP for the past several years. Prior to my joining USP, I was very active in the Buffalo Valley Sportsmen’s Ass’n in Union County, holding the positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Board of Director.

I want to express thanks to outgoing President Wayne Haas for serving the organization well. Wayne worked diligently on HB2083/HB1483, the audit of the PGC and most recently working with LSU and Dr. Frank Bastian on CWD research and completion of a partnership with Unified and Louisiana State University. Wayne is serving as Chairman of the CWD committee.

I must also “Thank” his counterpart for getting the partnership deal with LSU, Mr. John Eveland, who worked hand in hand with Wayne the past few months. John has also been USP’s right arm, spending countless hours writing reports and articles on the flawed PGC/DCNR wildlife management plan. John has spent many hours traveling to and from the State Capitol to talk with State Legislators about why we need to pass HB2083/HB1483 and what it is costing in lost tax dollars to the state of PA and in local tax dollars as well. USP would really be lost without John Eveland to say the least!

In the next year, I hope USP can continue to move forward with our wildlife management plan and secure the funds needed to assist Dr. Frank Bastian in his research with positive results.

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