Corrupt Pennsylvania Game Commission 

Does it again (Ignores hunter input)
Proves they do what they want!
By Blaine Toy
There has been considerable opposition by the hunters against the corrupt Pennsylvania Game Commission changing the Rifle deer season opener from Monday to Saturday. Their own study showed the opposition, but they did it anyway just to prove they had the power to do what they want, not what their customers, the PA hunters wanted.
After the January’s meeting of the Commissioners there was a House Game & Fisheries Committee meeting on February 20, 2020 sponsored by Sen. Kortz. In that meeting Randy Santucci totally crushed their data showing the Saturday opener did not help license sales. He also showed how PGC’s reckless decision devastated some businesses income, and first responders fund raising events. PGC’s disregard for the hunters was shown when Rep. Cook asked for a show of hands of the hunters for or against the Saturday deer season opener, Comm. Fredericks and Exe. Dir. Burhan didn’t even show hunters the courtesy or respect of turning around to look at the hunters show of hands. The Commission had already decided to go against the hunters again.

I have listened to the meeting several times and sometimes stopped and replayed, the only time I heard any mention of hunter input was at 9 Min 50 sec. during the concurrent discussion when Comm. Tim Layton brought up hunter input. This is the only mention of hunter input. At around 21 minutes there was discussion on harvesting multiple deer before tagging. Comm. Metrick suggested it was a bad idea, there were negative comments, could result in carless shooting, and responsible hunters do no like the idea. Roll call vote (NO) 2 Commissioners Mitreick, & Fox (YES) 6 Commissioners Schnepp-Giger, Fredricks, Foradora, Layton, Knick, and Hoover, the change passed.

I did not hear any reference the hunter comments, about moving the opener back to Monday, hunter comments to PGC comments, Sen. Kortz’s survey, and Rep. Cook’s hearing. We should know the results of the comments and Sen. Kortz’s survey.


I now wonder why we have a House and Senate Game and Fisheries Committee that is to provide some oversight of PGC. Is this just Political window dressing?   PGC had got away with a poor audit and there was nothing done about it. Now their total disregard for the hunters, keeping the Saturday opener, concurrent buck/doe, harvesting multiple deer prior to dressing and tagging the first, etc…, they continue their reckless decision making and nothing gets done about it.   Then they wonder why poor license sales and hunter have gave up the sport!   Something needs be done to help us.


At their April 7, 2020 meeting the Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners gave final approval to hunting and trapping seasons and bag limits for the 2020-21 license year. Read news release

Listen to the April 7, 2020 Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners meeting yourselves via You Tube!



PGC wonders why the hunters have lost respect for them!


Below are some of the highlights
Provided by Greg Levengood
April 7, 2020 the PGC Board of Commissioners gave final approval to hunting and trapping seasons and bag limits for the 2020-21 license year:

Expanding Sunday hunting opportunities on three days – Sunday, Nov. 15 for archery deer hunting, Sunday, Nov. 22 for bear hunting during the bear firearms season, and Sunday, Nov. 29 for deer hunting during the firearms deer season

Adopting a 14-day concurrent firearms deer season for antlered and antlerless deer in 10 Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) and retaining a split-season in the remaining 13 WMUs

Extending the statewide archery deer season to end Nov. 20, giving bowhunters the opportunity to take advantage of peak and post-rut activity

Opening squirrel season statewide on Sept. 12 to create more opportunities for younger hunters to get afield
Shifting the statewide general bear season to run from Saturday through Tuesday –adding an additional Sunday opportunity for bear hunters

Bringing back a three-day Thanksgiving turkey season, running Wednesday through Friday, in select Wildlife Management Units (WMUs); removing the Thanksgiving turkey season in WMUs 1A, 2A, 4A, 4B, 4D and 4E, but making the regular season two weeks (Oct. 31-Nov. 14) instead of one

Increasing the bear hunting opportunities for archers by adding a week to the archery bear season and creating an overlap in the first week with the muzzleloader deer and bear seasons

Moving the start of the extended bear seasons to Monday of the first week of firearms deer season in all WMUs with extended bear seasons

Permitting either-sex pheasant hunting statewide, outside of Wild Pheasant Recovery Areas.

Opening bobcat hunting and trapping seasons in WMU 2B, and river otter trapping seasons in WMUs 1A, 1B and 2F.

Increasing the season bag limit for beavers from 40 to 60 in WMUs 1A and 1B.



Upset with the PGC?


If you are upset with the reckless decision of PGC please contact your legislators, the Pennsylvania Game & Fish Committees or PGC Commissioners.  You only have yourselves to blame if you don't make your concerns heard! Make sure your voice is heard, information below about your Legislators and the game & fisheries committees.  It's up to you!


Game & Fisheries Committees or
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It may not do any good to contact PGC, they do not care what we think and do not follow Title 34 at all.  We do not have a voice in PGC's decisions.    Pressure the legislators they represent the people and should have a voice.





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