WHAT the PGC finally listens to the public?

Normally they don’t pay attention to anyone, especially the sportsmen, they just do what they want to do and kill as many deer as they can.    Read more


Well we guessed wrong

PGC is still scamming the residents of PA. They have postponed the slaughter, for now! The sharp shooters are to be out DMA2 this year but the PGC has already said the hunters will have to have our herd down to under 2,500 in DMA2 or the sharp shooters are coming back next February.

USP is totally against any PGC culling program does not use licensed hunters. Hiring Sharp shooters is not the answer and another PGC scam.

The game commission is wrong with their CWD response. They are killing too many does and still following antler restrictions which is CWD's best friend. The older buck carries the disease faster and further. Unified Sportsmen is the only group fighting for the hunter. Many other groups are in bed with the PGC. No other organization battles the PGC as the Unified Sportsmen of PA does.

Make sure the private landowners do not allow the USDA sharpshooters on their property. Keep fighting the PGC deer program. It is no good. USP's deer program would be much better. Join the USP in this battle. Never give up.

You can print an application form and join USP's fight at ( http://www.gousp.org/pdf/Application.pdf ) or go on-line at ( https://ismhosting4.com/usp/application.htm ) where you join USP or donated to the USP CWD partnership fund.

We need to stop the corruption of the PGC.








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