We had a major problem with our on-line membership from November 9, 2017 till March 15, 2018. Our treasurers old email address krapitrabbit@comcast.net was hacked out of India. He had to change email and phone numbers. We changed the emails and phone numbers at PayPal and deleted the hacked email.

However, unknown to us PayPal had our on-line payments going to that unusable email address and we did not become aware of it till early March. All new memberships after March 15, 2018 are OK, but all memberships from the November 9, 2017 till March 15, 2018 were tied to the unusable email address krapidrabbit@comcast.net.

That problem has been corrected and the on-line membership is back up and working fine.

Blaine M. Toy
Membership chairman






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