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The Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania normally distributes a quarterly publication to all members in good standing; individual, club, camp, business, etc...   However due to financial issues caused by Covid-19 we are considering changing the publication to twice a year and sending a letter the other two times a year.  In addition, we plan on starting a monthly email newsletter to members with email addresses on file.

Pennsylvania Woods & Waters

PW&W includes articles on hot legislative sportsmen topics, what's new on the sporting scene, land use issues, interesting hunting and fishing stories, letters to the editor, classified ads, field notes, animal rights issues, anti issues, official USP opinions, list of USP officers, meeting times and places, membership applications, descriptions and hunting trips advertisement, anything new and exciting in the Pennsylvania outdoor world can be found in PW&W.

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Fish & Boat Commission

2021  Stocking Schedule

Trout fishing is opening soon for the the PFBC changed the opener statewide to Saturday April 3, 2021.  For additional information phrase visit this PA Fish & Boat Commission site.


Saturday opener failures
By Randy Santucci

Many reasons have been identified why the new Saturday opener has not significantly increased interest, or license sales and has done economic damage to rural small businesses. Don't sell tradition short either as a valid reason for hunters not liking it. Scientific analysis reveals tradition is an important human stability factor. Read the following articles. 

Read the PA Outdoor News December 4, 2020 advertisement.

Read the Field and Stream article about hunter tradition.

Be sure to write or contact the PGC, your Legislator, PA House Game and fisheries Committee, and the PA Senate Game and Fisheries committee with your complaints.   Find your Representative or Senator.


The Pennsylvania Deer Wars

For your reading pleasure 2 essays showing PGC's disregard for the PA hunters.

Essay by the late Dr. N. Charles Bolgiano written in 2007!

Essay By Woody written in 2020!


Review of PGC Audit
By Ron Benjamin

The Summary taking up the first dozen pages, or so, really is all one needs to understand how far out of compliance PGC has drifted. The report was well written in my opinion, as far as it went? The analysis of game lands gas monies was too brief in my opinion since only about 25% of the gas companies with SGL leases or royalty payments were audited! Only 18 of the 66 gas companies were analyzed.

The seven escrows accounts were not considered in PGC budget preparation, were not in the Game Fund or the State Treasury. The escrow accounts were found by the auditors to be controlled solely by the PGC’s Chief Counsel!

I was stunned to read there were over 100 EXCESS vehicles in the PGC fleet. How many doe tags or resident hunting licenses does it take to pay for 100+ IDLE Vehicles! I think the auditors should have question why so many PGC employees NEED a PGC funded vehicle as a perk for their job?


First: When the PA Auditors discovered “PGC had 100+ EXCESS Vehicles", Did the auditors determine WHO Requested the Excess Vehicles and Did the auditors FIX RESPONSIBILITY ONTO the person who APPROVED the Acquisition of the Excess Vehicles at $400 or $500 per month, per Lease???? WHO APPROVED the Expenditure? IF THIS EXCESS Vehicle Cost had not been CONTRACTED, would a Hunting License Fee INCREASE be NEEDED?? Why is a PGC paid-for Vehicle a perk for upper level PGC management?

Second: WHY is the PGC Chief Counsel the ONLY person in control of the MILLIONS of gas Money??? What did the auditors FIND in the way of such SGL Money JUSTIFICATION??? WHO authorized and APPROVED this? I did not see where the PA Auditors Named the wrongdoers in this financial LACK of Control of Hunters" Game Land Money. WHY did the PA Auditors conducting a PGC Audit NOT FIX RESPONSIBILITY onto the persons who were so FAR out of Compliance?

Finally, I think the State Auditor General had MUCH new information to justify a FAR DEEPER Inquiry INTO PGC Operations. Only he can say why he quit before the Job Was Done!

Contact your Legislator TODAY!!!

Find your Representative or Senator.


Handgun Concealed Carry Reciprocity
in the various States
By Ron Benjamin

As Chairman of the USP FIREARMS Committee,    Read more

Concealed Carry Weapons Permit Travel
By Ron Benjamin

Recently, a USP member sent me an email suggesting Maryland State Police are using their vehicle on-board computers connected to automatic license plate readers to flag out-of-state vehicles with owners who have concealed carry weapons permits (CCWs).    Read More


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