Why does USP support responsible Drilling?

By Steve Mohr, Chairman and,
Dennis Wydra, Marcellus Team Leader


The answer is actually very factual, logical, and based on sound science. USP supports responsible drilling because a broad range of official Commonwealth professionals – environmentalists, geologists, biologists, watershed management specialists and other state regulators – support responsible natural gas drilling. These are the Government bodies and officials that support responsible drilling:

  • Pennsylvania Legislature
  • Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
  • Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
  • Pennsylvania Game Commission
  • Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission
  • Susquehanna River Basin Commission
  • Pennsylvania Governors Ed Rendell and Tom Corbett

If these elected and appointed Government bodies and officials believe drilling can be done safely without harm to the environment and bring American jobs back to Pennsylvania and, in the process, make Pennsylvania an energy independent state and help to make America energy independent, why wouldn’t every American sportsmen’s group support responsible drilling too? Western Pennsylvania now has over ½ million new, old, and abandoned wells, with most of them being the shallow gas wells drilled over the past 100 years. Now where do you suppose some of the finest trout fishing is located in Pennsylvania? The answer is western Pennsylvania. After years of water and aquatic study, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission is the newest agency to begin leasing its commonwealth land and lakes for shale gas production. Fish & Boat even has a web page listing all of the income and revenue from these new leases. DCNR and the Game Commission should do the same.

The Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania supports responsible drilling because it will free our Commonwealth from overseas oil kingdoms for the transportation, heating and cooling needs for our homes, schools and businesses, and bring American jobs back to Pennsylvania. Every gas well should proudly display this flag:

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