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Friday, February 8, 2019                                                  The latest news from the State Capitol


All Efforts to Cure CWD are Welcome



I am encouraged by the public-private partnership that was announced on Monday between Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania and Louisiana State University (LSU) scientist Frank Bastian aimed at curing chronic wasting disease in white-tailed deer and other animals.

At a Capitol Rotunda press conference, leadership members of the Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania announced they were self-funding the research partnership with Dr. Bastian because his research thus far on CWD shows more promise than years of circular conclusions by the state game commission and agriculture departments that have yielded no results at the expense of sportsmen and taxpayers.

After decades of intensive research, Bastian, an LSU AgCenter animal scientist, believes he has isolated the cause of CWD. He believes it is a bacterium called a spiroplasma. It is this spiroplasma that causes the CWD proteins known as “prions.”

Many hunters in Pennsylvania are growing frustrated because despite years and years of efforts by the Pennsylvania Game Commission and Department of Agriculture, we are no further along to finding a cure than we were when CWD was first discovered. It seems to me that we should welcome a different approach as other current efforts continue. A closed mind has never solved anything.

The entire press conference can be viewed here.

My remarks following the press conference can be viewed here.





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