About John Eveland
Forester, Wildlife Biologist, and Ecologist

John Eveland is by education and profession a forester, wildlife biologist, and ecologist. Of the three big game mammals in Pennsylvania (white-tailed deer, black bear, and elk), he conducted the original statewide research, wrote the original state management plans, and was directly involved in the successful recovery of two of these species -- black bears and elk. From his Penn State research, his management recommendations and first population estimate of only 1600 bears in the Commonwealth were instrumental in closing Pennsylvania's bear season in multiple years during the 1970s and in changing from a one-week to a three-day season. As a scientist on the Penn State faculty, he conducted the first ecological research and population assessment of Pennsylvania's elk herd, discovered the brainworm disease in the elk herd, recommended the elk lottery system, and designed the original plan for PA Wilds and the Elk Country Visitor Center. Eveland left the Penn State faculty to accept a position with Westinghouse Electric Corporation in Pittsburgh. There, John organized, conducted, and directed environmental field studies on some of America's largest energy development projects, such as fossil fuel, nuclear, geothermal, and solar power generating stations; coal and uranium mines; energy transport systems; and the long-term impacts (to air, water, soils, and biological systems) of fossil fuel emissions. His scientific experience includes studies for the U.S. Forest Service and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and for university, state and federal agencies, and private industries throughout North America. He has conducted scientific research on wildlife, forest ecology, natural ecosystems, endangered species, and energy/environment relationships within over 30 states and provinces of Canada, and hence is uniquely qualified as an ecologist with broad state, national, and North American expertise. Regarding white-tailed deer (Pennsylvania's third big game mammal), more recently Eveland was requested by the Majority Leader of the Senate, the Office of the Governor, and the Pennsylvania State Legislature's Game and Fisheries Committee to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the Pennsylvania Game Commission's deer management program.

John Eveland can be contacted at 412.601.0077, and at jfeveland@acsl-pa.org.





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