Anti-gun Ammunition bill introduced

Do not let Pennsylvania become another Virginia with the politicians attempting to take away our right to bear arms and protect ourselves. The crooked Socialist Politicians will just keep attempting to take a few of our rights away at a time and the next thing you know we lose our right to keep and bear arms. Think about this the next time you vote!

House Bill 2344 has been introduced by ANTI-GUN Representative Thomas P. Murt and has been co-sponsored by 11 Democrats (Zabel, Kisey, Williams, Webster, Sanchez, Ciresl, Otten, Schlossberg, Freeman, Kim, and Madden) all from Counties in southeastern PA near Philadelphia where there is a problem with firearms and crime. The Bill introduced would require a permit to purchase ammunition with a $50.00 fee for the permit. All purchases would require to go through a dealer and be registered.

Protect your rights, only you can do this, otherwise, they keep chipping away till we have no rights. Please, take time draft a letter and send to your representatives and those sponsors stating just because the Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and the SE corner of PA are struggling with community social responsibility with firearms and crime where crimes and homicides have gone through the roof, Ask them not try to legislate a correction to a problem that does not exist to any degree comparable in the rest of the commonwealth. Ensure this information gets to all people interested in protecting their rights.

Unfortunately, Bills like this only hurt the honest citizens, the crooks and criminals like to see us disarmed.

For more information please read this Bill!

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