Trout fishing is opening soon for the SE Regional April 4, 2020, and statewide April 18, 2020.   Please be safe and enjoy the outdoors.     For Stocking information please click the image below;

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Doe with black fawn Nice Buck

Winter Doe Fawn at sunset

Red fox from trail camera Fall squirrel

Mother bear with cubs Bugling Elk

Shot 8AM, 5/31/12. Southeast corner of Centre County.

19lbs with 12 inch beard and 1 1/8 inch spurs



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Pennsylvania wildlife?

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The only thing is, if it is harvested wildlife, please insure it is a good picture not showing damage or blood.   We do not want to upset the anti-hunters or animal lovers.   Only current active members photos will be published, we feel this is fair to our members.

I would especially like junior/young hunters with picture including the harvester.    Please give me permission to post your picture in email.

Everyone please have a safe hunting season.





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