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Sinnemahoning Snake Hunt
Sinnemahoning Sportsmen's Club Drive
Driftwood, PA 15832
June 7 - 9, 2019

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47th Annual Cross Fork Snake Hunt
Kettle Creek Hose CO. # 1
Cross Fork, (Potter County) PA
June 29 & 30, 2019

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Flaming Foliage Festival
Downtown Renovo (Clinton CO.)
Renovo, PA
October 11 - 13, 2019

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NRA Great American Outdoor Show 2019



USP Booth 2724
USP Booth 2724



USP Booth 2724
Hunting Outfitter NRA Show



Hunting Outfitter NRA Show
Hunting Outfitter NRA Show





USP is asking all Sportsmen & Sportswomen to join to find a cure for CWD.      PGC & DCNR”s hiring sharpshooters and eliminating the deer herd is not the answer, finding a cure is.    Join USP in the fight to save the deer herd.

Spiroplasma bacterium, not prions, causes CWD. USP & LSU scientist signed an agreement to combat CWD. Read more



The CWD press conference was held yesterday February 4, 2019 in the main Rotunda of the state Capitol Harrisburg, PA.   More information will be posted here as soon as possible.  .United Sportsmen of PA thanks those in attendance for their support.




DON’T LET PA SPORTSMEN DOWN!    Make some phone calls to your Representative and Senator and make the aware of the poor performance of PGC.   




Find your Representative or Senator.




This is the week of the NRA Great American Outdoor Show at the Farm Show Complex, Harrisburg PA.   Visit USP Booth 2724 in the fishing hall for further information




Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania's


CWD Sponsored Research Partnership




National Demonstration Project


Printable form to join LSU & USP and help find a cure. CLICK HERE


Printable Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania's CWD Sponsored research Partnership Form  CLICK HERE




Ice Fishing Derby “Results”
By Thomas Nawrocki


Click here for results


Gerry Miller: Senior runner up
Greg Pawelski: Senior Division Winner
Jim Griffin: Most fish caught
Brian Morris: Junior runner up
Chris Fortese: Junior Division Winne
Chris’s Dad, Mr. Fortese
Robbie Galdieri: Senior runner up
Ed Rojek: Senior runner up




June 24, 2018  Click here


We apologize for the delay posting the winners, but due to poor penmanship of names and phone numbers of some individuals USP had problems contact some of the winners.   They have now been contacted and the list is now posted.




July 2019 raffle tickets are available

Anyone interested in selling or Purchasing tickets,

contact USP Treasurer Doug Tyger 814-594-6238


We thank everyone that purchased our 2018 raffles,

January 2019 and supported USP, we look forward to

your continued support in 2019.







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