in landscapes.


          These deer were bedded down under mature white pines along the edge of a pond; in fact, they're laying right on the snow-covered ice.

          The insulation qualities of deer hair are amazing. That is because every single hair is hollow,  leaving an extra airspace between the deer and the elements.

You can break or cut a hair in half and see the hollow core with your naked eye.

          Add a thick hide and body fat and you have the perfect winter garment.

          Which reminds me........if you see ANY deer in 2021, you better stop and take some pictures and bask in the sighting of  a White-tailed Deer because the Pennsylvania Game Commission has set upon their second offensive against the proliferation of White-tailed Deer in the Commonwealth.

          Not just the urban deer that are eating your rose bushes by the rear deck but all  deer, even those of the traditional, northern, high-mountain areas of the Alleghaney and Pocono plateaus.

          Why?   Because the Pennsylvania Game Commission  has fallen into the latest and trendy fashion of academia: let's fix something that ain't broken.

          It gives them a sense of worth. It's easy and if they fail, there was nothing wrong in the first place.

          It's too difficult to solve West Nile Virus while the Ruffed Grouse and Wild Turkey populations decline.  The spread of Chronic Wasting Disease is baffling to biologists. Muskrat populations are in decline along with many amphibians and reptiles. Numerous song bird populations are down and just about every tree species is, has, or will be devastated by some alien insect or disease.

          Let's make the White-tailed Deer a problem. Then all we have to do is just press the sportsmen's GREED button and sit back, prop up our heels and wham, problem solved.

©2011 • Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania