CWD Meeting
By Blaine M. Toy

Unified Sportsmen of PA and Sportsmen of the Future held a very important meeting with the main topic CWD. The meeting was very well attended with approximately 300 people, including PA Representative Jim Gregory, US Congressman Glenn G.T. Thompson and US Congressman John Joyce. The meeting was covered by Ch 6 (WJAC) and live streamed by OITC Media (read their news release). Two other items discussed were the proposed Saturday opener and Sunday hunting. Moderator Phil Wagner (President USP) ask for a show of hands of those present who were against these topics and who was for. The show of hands against both items were 97% against changing the opener and Sunday hunting, with only 3% being in favor of the issues.

Below is a comment from moderator:

Phil Wagner USP President


For those of you that weren’t there. Attendance was between 275 and 300 people. Two US Congressman and one PA State Rep. attended.


I ask for a vote with a showing of hands on those who wanted to keep Monday as the start of the rifle deer season. Approx. 97% were in favor, leaving 3% voting for a Saturday opener. I also ask about those that did not want hunting passed for Sunday’s. The vote was about the same 97% against Sunday hunting and 3% for. I really didn’t know what to expect from a new group of hunters from that area that was in the room. I was shocked that it was that lopsided.


Some of those attending came from far away, with many of them spending as much as 3 hours on the road.


The meeting went very well with lots of questions and I am sure that many left the meeting with a better understanding of the disease then they had when they arrived.

Thanks to all the Unified Sportsmen of PA Board of Directors and Sportsmen of the Future that helped with the event, setting up things, running the stands and cleaning up.


A few photo's taken during the meeting












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