By Blaine M. Toy

The PGC’s decision to open concurrent buck/doe season statewide is another example of poor decisions by the Board of Commissioners.  My opinion, this is more kill the deer by the Commissioners, there are not enough deer in some locations now and this will only make matters worse.  I agree there are areas where there are excess deer and concurrent season there might be needed to control the problem.

Prior to the start of the Gary Alt PGC scam with around 2000, I hunted with a group of 10 -12 hunters.  We hunted deer from a camp near Parker Dam in Clearfield County.   We would go to camp the week before Thanksgiving for the Monday opener of bear, then come back home for Thanksgiving and return to camp late Friday or early Saturday for the traditional Monday deer opener.   Most of us would stay at camp for the full first week of buck season supporting the local businesses and we would see plenty of deer.  After the start of the Gary Alt’s scam the deer population bottomed out and we seen very few deer.   The hunting group just gave up and the camp was sold.

Now, PGC has ruined both bear season and deer season openers by opening these seasons on Saturday instead of the traditional Monday.  I have not purchased my hunting license since PGC opened deer season on Saturday.

Now, here we go again, another brain storm by PGC, they want to go back to concurrent seasons statewide and ruin our hunting heritage and drive more hunters away.

©2011 • Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania