The USP has served the grassroots sportsmen of Pennsylvania by representing tens of thousands of sportsmen for regulatory relief and legislative help.   USP promotes the conservation of the Commonwealth's natural resources, abundant wildlife, and healthy ecosystems; and has a special interest and the experience in the protection of wildlife from major diseases, especially CWD.  Without your continued support, the Unified Sportsmen would not be recognized today as the most influential sportsmen's organization in Pennsylvania. For this reason, we ask that you continue to support USP efforts to defend and promote our rights of hunting, fishing, trapping and shooting.

These are difficult times for our nation and state. They are also difficult times for sportsmen in Pennsylvania. We need to be united to exercise vigilance against those who intend to treat our sports as mere secondary items of importance.

Why Join the Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania?

  • Unified Sportsmen is strongly opposed to any merger of the Fish and Game Commission into one organization, and will continue to fight for the independence of our state agencies.
  • Unified Sportsmen is leading the opposition to the Game Commission's massive deer reduction plan by adapting the following positions:
    1. Pennsylvania's deer population is grossly overestimated by the PGC.
    2. The PGC does not have a credible system for determining deer harvests, and consequently does not have an accurate count of how many deer actually exist in the Commonwealth.
    3. There is a major discrepancy between the number of deer on private land vs. public land, as we continue to reduce an already depleted herd on public land while private land is the source of our over-population problems.
    4. The buck to doe ratio is not nearly out of balance as the PGC claims.
    5. Antler Restrictions have been found to be detrimental to the deer herd in other states, and there is no reason to believe it will be successful here.
    6. The existing deer management plan is devoid of desired deer population numbers, and is instead basing the appropriate number of deer on subjective evaluations such as the existence of desired plant species.
  • Unified Sportsmen has challenged the Game Commission to improve the habitat on State Game Lands to sustain hunt able game populations, instead of managing primarily for timber.
  • Unified Sportsmen believe that our youth are the future of hunting, fishing, and trapping, and every effort should be made to enhance their opportunity.
  • The Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania is a thriving organization looking to expand our membership as we seek to represent what we perceive to be the voice of Pennsylvania's sportsmen. We welcome members as well as influential people from around the state to attend our meetings, and offer their input on current issues. We publish a quarterly newspaper, Pennsylvania Woods & Waters, which is mailed to members, Legislators, and Government agencies to keep the public abreast of sportsmen's issues.

The USP believes that being politically correct is counter-productive to the quality of hunting, fishing, shooting, and trapping. Our Officers and Directors are all unpaid volunteers who are free to speak their minds without jeopardizing alliances with other factions within our state.

If this sounds like an organization that represents your interests and beliefs, we would appreciate your support. Please visit our Membership Application page for your joining options.

Message from USP President

By Phil Wagner

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Message from Chairman-of-the-Board

By Steve Mohr

Unified is the principal endorser of HB 1683, Rep. David Maloney’s bill for “Pennsylvania Game Commission Accountability and Wildlife/Habitat Enhancement”.    Read More

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