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Information added or changed April 10, 2021!


April 10 & 11 at Westmoreland Fair Grounds

Greensburg, PA

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Biden's Plan to Disarm America

We knew it was coming......now it's here. 

This is not about gun control, it's about controlling us - which is the reason they want to take our guns. Statistics are perfectly clear that rifles kill very few people in this country, yet so called "assault weapons" are their primary target. It's interesting to note that the AR-15 is the most popular rifle in America - what does that tell you.....????

David Chipman who Biden nominated for Director of ATF to head this up is a complete whack job - an absolute nut case!!

I don't care if you are a Democrat or a Republican, this should concern you deeply. Click HERE to listen to Tucker Carlson's analysis. This is very well laid out; it will tell you what's coming and why.  Must-watch TV for all gun owners!

Americans, beware if the Democrats get their way, we are going to be required to have papers to travel. Make no mistake the corrupt government wants to totally control you!

Imagine you are traveling and get stopped at a check point and do not have the correct papers!  Plan on being arrested and locked up with-out any rights.


Joe Biden wants you and me to carry around a VACCINE PASSPORT… so we can “prove” our medical history whenever a business or government official demands it.

To say this is unconstitutional is an understatement. It’s un-American.

This much is clear: no one’s going to give us our freedoms back. We have to TAKE them back.

Rally to Protect Your Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Monday June 7, 2021 at 10 AM

Visit Representative Daryl Metcalf's website for more information and to print the flyer.   Click here to view the flyer.


Click here


"Talking with some hunting friends of mine around the Renovo and Sinnemahoning areas {which is a big part of management area 2G,] where now they want to go back to the two-week, brown it's down buck and doe season together.

The guys spending time in the woods, saying there is some serious winter kill of deer from the hardest winter we have had in years.

I am suggesting do your homework before Thursday and let the PGC know about this. Doubt if it will change their minds, but we have to keep trying.

Also, this is the same area where there used to be a lot of deer feeding in the past, but has early been curtailed, because of the PGC's pressure to stop the feeding!!

Thanks, please do your part by Thursday. The PGC website, it's easy to find the info to send to."

This is something for you hunters to think about.   The PGC is set on eliminating deer here in PA!


Pennsylvania Game Commission in their January meeting gave preliminary approval to allow harvest of antlered and antlerless deer in all Wildlife Management Units.  Our deer are starting to recover from the last time PGC permitted harvest of both sexes.  Now in another PGC brainstorm let’s kill all the deer.

We can see this in overpopulated (like Pittsburg & Philadelphia) areas, in places where the deer have not fully recovered into a hunt able population this is just another example of PGC not living up to Title 34 which states (the PGC are to manage game animals for adequate opportunity).  PGC is not managing our game for good hunting.

Yes, there are areas where there may be deer problems, but in the Northern tier of the big woods please let there be good hunting.  With out hunters seeing deer to hunt there will be more lost hunters.

Hunters, please make your views known, write letters to, PGC, your legislator’s, PA game and Fisheries committee, Pennsylvania Outdoor News, and letters to the editor of your local newspapers.  Hunters only have their selves to blame if they don't express their opinions!

Here are a couple copies of letter sent to PGC:

To the Board of Commissioners: 
By Greg Levengood
Sportsmen’s Advocate

I hope by how you have received enough negative comments from hunters to reconsider the proposal for statewide concurrent deer seasons.    Read letter

By Pete Kingsley


By Blaine M. Toy

The PGC’s decision to open concurrent buck/doe season statewide is another example of poor decisions by the Board of Commissioners.  (read complete letter)


Interesting article written by member Nelson Haas!    Click here



Below are a few changes being considered during the April PGC meeting:

  • Change back to a statewide concurrent 14-day buck/doe season
  • Change the three-license limit for antlerless deer to four (or more)
  • Change to the fall turkey season by eliminating the use of a rifle
  • Change to allow a digital license
  • Change to allow landowners more time to apply for DMAP assistance
  • Change regulations for wildlife diseases
  • Change elk license regulations

Please read USP letter responding to these changes.  This letter explains in detail USP opinion of the changes.

Once you have formed an opinion contact you representative, the Game & Fishers committee and the PGC.  You only have yourselves to blame if you don’t take action and these changes take effect.



According to Pennsylvania Game Commission the turkey is declining in 15 of the 23 Wildlife Management Units.  Reductions in turkey season could be one solution.  However, in their view eliminating use of manually operated centerfire and rimfire for fall-turkey hunting may be their solution.

Research provided by and independent rifle hunter feels that would only effect approximately 0.03 percent of the turkey population.

Another issue with eliminating rifle would be changing to shotguns could increase crippling the turkeys which would only die unharvested.

Many of our members feel this has nothing to do with the declining turkey population.  PGC introduced the fisher a prime predator back into PA.  This predator has the ability to climb the trees and kill the turkeys right in their roost while sleeping.  Open the season on the fishers, this alone could solve the problem.

If you have an opinion, make them known, write letters to, PGC, your legislator’s, PA game and Fisheries committee, Pennsylvania Outdoor News, and letters to the editor of your local newspapers.  



For a very good article about the fall turkey season and deer hunting written by South West Regional Director Randy Santucci click here!



Our Constitution rights are in serious danger right now.  Rather you want to believe it or not the current administration, which effectively stole the election and now there is serious concern if we will ever see a legitimate election.  Unless the House of Representatives or Senate stand up for America, United States is headed toward a social communist country

Consider joining National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, or PA Firearm Owners Against Crime.    We need to protect our rights, and can only hope the US House of representatives and US Senate protect our rights.

Very important USP President message, please read!!!


The corrupt crooked deep state politicians are now going to spend more time attempting to control us Americans, they want us to act like sheep and believe everything they lie to us about.

  Especially now that the Impeachment BS is over.    One of those things will be more attempted is gun control.  Read more


By Ron Benjamin

The PA Spring gobbler season runs May 1-31, 2021.  Read more


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By - Pete Kingsley

If USP could get a Christmas present from the good old white haired round guy with a beard, (that drives a sleigh pulled by deer), it would be to get lots of new members this New Year. Seriously, to get a good jump on increasing our membership, we would like to ask each USP member to give a present this Christmas of a USP membership. A $20.00 gift to someone you know will go a long way to helping our hunting and fishing stay strong and would be a gift worth giving. Thanks in advance for helping USP stay large and healthy.




Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania  
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Important information for our visitors with

complains regarding the deer situation in their

area, find your Representative or Senator.


The USP is here for the sportsmen.


One purpose of the Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania is to bring attention to important issues relating to hunting, fishing, trapping and shooting.   We publish and distribute a quarterly news letter (Woods & Waters) for our members.

Our missions are:

  • To promote and maintain high standards in conservation of our natural resources.
  • To cooperate with State and Federal agencies and all sportsmen organizations to protect and achieve the needs of both wildlife and sportsmen.
  • To defend our heritage right to hunt, fish, trap, and to protect our constitutional right to keep and bear arms.
  • To promote programs to educate the public about hunting, fishing, trapping and shooting for all future generations.

Being the largest independent statewide sportsmen organization in Pennsylvania, we can accomplish a lot with just a small amount of money. All of the USP officers are highly motivated, interested, knowledgeable sportsmen and all are non salaried, and even our professional full time representative in Harrisburg is a non salaried officer. In spite of all this we cannot perform miracles, and we cannot exist without you as a member. Join Now!

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