By Pete Kingsley, Treasurer



To Our USP Membership By: Pete Kingsley, Treasurer

I have been the USP Treasurer for close to three years and I can not say enough about how proud I am of our Membership on how well they financially support us with dollars as well as renewal memberships and with new memberships.

I have been a USP Board Member since 1991. I have seen the USP grow over those years, I have seen many of the battles and I have seen the USP be told one thing in the PGC Headquarters from the top officials which include Past. Exec. Directors, some PG Commissioners, Wildlife Biologists on how they were going to work with us. One week later or soon the PGC was stabbing the USP in the back with the opposite response. This has been going on for years. This is why we decided to sue. The law suit was thrown out of court approx. 1 1/2 years ago by an appointed, liberal retired judge on a Tues. night in the middle of the HSP Sports show.

This case had been going on for approx. 2 yrs. with three appointed judges who kept the court case going every time the PGC tried to throw the law suite out. The liberal Judge threw
the suit out 14 days before our Commonwealth Court date.

How did we (USP) find out? On Wed. morning at 10:00 am. opening time for the HSP Sports Show, Charles Bolgiano and myself were standing in the booth and Joe Neville, PGC employee went by and smacked our law suit sign with his hand and said " you might as well take that sign down, you lost last night".!

This is the first news we heard of the decision, our attorney did not know about the dismissal until he Had time to call us back late that afternoon. We, the USP, spent $70,000.00 of our
membership monies, but the membership is still there and supporting us while we keep fighting for respectable deer hunting on public land.

The PGC is a Gestapo outfit out of control. We will not stop fighting for whatever we an d the Membership believe. That was the reason for the recent survey! Stay tuned.......

Our memberships come from serious hunters and fishermen, the believers in property rights and the constitution. Our membership consists of (for example) Politicians, Attorneys
Ministers, Physicians, Business owners, Teachers, Amish and of course working people like myself. Our membership is strong and growing both as individual members and Club memberships.

Our membership gave very generously when we asked for $5.00 for 7 tickets, many give more and some a lot more. I do not like to mention any members name as I may miss or
hurt someone's feelings, but I do have to mention one name, Frank Beimel of St. Mary's sent in 5 paid new members.

Again, a big thank you to all members, no matter what you have been able to do for the USP in this survey, the Cross Forks ticket drawing, and membership drive. You are all USP and the Board says ":Thank You".

Thank you, Pete Kingsley, USP Treasurer


Surveys sent out - 1635 - Surveys returned 706



Survey Results:

This report is from the mailing only


  1. Do you believe that State Game Lands should be managed for more deer? Yes  540, No 3
  2. Do you believe that State Game Lands can support more healthy deer without damage to a healthy forest or conflicts with people? Yes 516, No 5
  3. Do you believe the PGC premise that deer are unhealthy? Yes 20, No 500
  4. Do you believe that the purpose of State Game Lands should be more equally proportioned to benefit hunters rather than resource extraction? Yes 512, No 10
  5. Does the PA Game Commission place high importance and encourage hunter retention and hunter recruitment by the way they manage State Game Lands? Yes 25, No 496
  6. Do you believe that State Game Lands are managed to encourage hunting? Yes 26, No 511
  7. Does the PA Game Commission have a moral commitment to provide more food plots for deer in areas where better nutrition is needed? Yes 469, No 58
  8. Do you believe the PGC premise that forests are unhealthy because of deer? Yes 25, No 493
  9. Do you believe that deer hunting will not get better unless new and/or responsible management is demanded by the State Legislature beginning with House and Senate hearings? Yes 515, No 9






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