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The Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania distributes a quarterly publication to all members in good standing; individual, club, camp, business, etc..

Pennsylvania Woods & Waters

PW&W includes articles on hot legislative sportsmen topics, what's new on the sporting scene, land use issues, interesting hunting and fishing stories, letters to the editor, classified ads, field notes, animal rights issues, anti issues, official USP opinions, list of USP officers, meeting times and places, membership applications, descriptions and hunting trips advertisement, anything new and exciting in the Pennsylvania outdoor world can be found in PW&W.

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In the trenches

This will be a regular part of our website and Woods & Waters publication to inform members of USP behind the scenes working for our sportsmen and sportswomen.  Read more


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Game and Fish News!

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission frequently sends feedback information to Unified Sportsmen of PA web site for providing the Pennsylvania sportsmen with the latest news. Unfortunately the Pennsylvania Game commission does not seem to be interested in the sportsmen, and seems more interested in the forestry, anti hunters, etc.... Invitations have been sent for the PGC to attend our meetings to provide hunting news to our members,   however, they never accept the invitation.   When items of interest are received we will post them on our web site for the sportsmen of Pennsylvania.



Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission

We have received so many new releases from the PFBC we had to give them their own page for information they provide for the Pennsylvania fisherman, please visit their page.


Do You Know About DIDYMO?

By Bill Miller

Those who have fished the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes are aware of the threat to those fisheries when they became invaded by Zebra Mussels.   Read more


Fishing in Pennsylvania

By Craig Toy

As the weather starts to break and the gathered piles of snow begin to melt you see a slight rise of people scanning the local streams, creeks and inlets.   Read more


We keep some news articles here on the news page. However in order to keep our pages short for your reading enjoyment we have divided most of our news stories and put links to them. We consider one, important news and other significant news. We at USP are striving to provide an interesting web site for our visitors, so come back often and refresh to insure you are looking at up-to date information.




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