Spring USP Membership Meeting

By Pete Kingsley


This year the spring membership meeting was hosted by the Sinnemahoning Sportsman’s Club in Sinnemahoning, Cameron County  USP had a good casual membership meeting with good representation from the sporting community.  Mike Hanna from the House of Rep. was our first speaker who spoke mostly about the Northern teir and the lack of deer, and that the dear management program is going the wrong way.  The PGC and the DCNR need to harvest more timber.  On a good note, Mike stated that the PGC has started controlled burns.  Mike did answer many questions from the public followed by a good discussion.


The next speaker was John Arway, Executive Director of the Fish and Boat Commission whom the USP gets along with quite well.  John discussed the problem with the Susquehanna River and the cancerous fish in the river.  He says they feel the problem of the river is complex with a number of pollutants including sewer treatment plants, lawn and farm chemicals as well as many others.  John answered many questions from the public with good discussion.  He mentioned that they are going to stock the Sinnemahoning River from Driftwood to Keating with fingerlings of walleye.


USP has voted in favor of a license increase mainly because cost factors go up all the time and the PFBC has no other placed to draw funds, unlike Pa. Game Commission which has money coming in from many other sources.  Note:  keep in mind that trout drive the sale of fishing licenses, just like deer drive the purchase of hunting licenses, if you have neither, both commissions will continue with loss of license sales. 


The last speaker way Wayne Laroche of the PGC, the new guru of the deer management program.  Wayne was well received and was asked many questions after his presentation.  He commented that he is pushing for more controlled burns and more cutting of the PGC lands.  He mentioned that DCNR influence is a problem in the PGC, that 5 deer or 10 deer per square mile is not good enough.  Wayne thinks we can fix areas that we can all agree on, but he is only one person in the PGC.  TIME WILL TELL???


I will say, please call your legislatures of both the House and Senate and members of the House and Senate Game and Fisheries and voice your concerns, or mail them a HAND written letter.


We thank Sinnemahoning Sportsmen’s Club for hosting the meeting.










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