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All 4 Kids Hunting & Fishing

The annual banquet and live auction will be held at the Buchanan Volunteer Fire Company, 1180 Buchanan Valley Rd, Orrtanna, PA 17353 on Friday March 13, 2015.    Doors open at 5 PM with the meal at 6 PM.   Price for tickets are adults $20.00, children 6 through 10 $10.00 and children under 6 free.

The website is www.firstpaall4kidshunting.com, and is a nonprofit 501c3 program, for further information call 717-677-6737.


Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania

Outdoor & Sports Shows


Sinnemahoning Snake Hunt
Sinnemahoning Sportsmen's Club
Sinnemahoning, PA 15861

June 13 & 14, 2015

Cross Fork Snake Hunt
Kettle Creek Hose Company #1
Cross Fork, PA 17729
June 27 & 28, 2015

PA Great Outdoors Elk EXPO
KECA Visitor Center
Benezette, PA 15821
Aug. 15 & 16, 2015

Flaming Foliage Festival
Renovo, PA
Oct. 9, 10 & 11, 2015


Walter & Mary's

Ice Fishing Derby

Was Held On January 24, 2015

A very special thanks go out to Tom for sponsoring this event and all his helpers for braving the cold to make it possible.    Read more


Completed Spring 2014 USP Shows

The first was the Great American Outdoor show sponsored by the NRA was held February 1 - 9, 2014 at the Harrisburg Farm Show Complex. USP signed up many new members, and  several renewals.

USP shared our booth with PA Independent Oil & Gas Association and the Hunters Helping Kids booth was next our booth. Special thanks to Dan Weaver of PIOGA who was there every day along with Mike Strickhouser working the Hunter Helping the Kids display. PIOGA had other members for a few days help.

We had three days of bad weather and 1 of those days only Mike and Dan were there to man our displays, otherwise there was plenty help with the booths except for the bad snow days.


USP Display
NRA Show Crowd


NRA Show Crowd
NRA Show Crowd


The second completed show was the Allegheny Sport, Travel & Outdoor Show on February 12 – 16, 2014 at the Monroeville Convention Center, Pittsburgh PA. The show got off to a slow start, but finished strong.

We gained many new members along with several renewals.  USP provide information on Legislative Budget and Finance study showing forest certification and financial impact. The Penn State News article of the biologists admitting failure, the current list of sponsored legislation and our application.

Special thanks to Barb Fetchin and New member Fred Bratchie for helping with the show.

USP raffled a Henry Golden Boy 22 during the show. The winner was Brian Brattish from Waynesburg, PA.


USP Booth with Barb
No Doe Signs


The third show was the Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Sport Show on February 13 – 16, 2014 located at the Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA.

The show was snowed out on Thursday & Friday, however recovered over the week end. USP gained several new members during the show.

Special thanks to Maurie Hipple for taking care of this show.


The Jaffa Sports Show held at the Jaffa Shrine Center on February 21 - 23, 2014 in Altoona, PA.  Special thanks to Mike Strickhouser for taking charge of the show and the helpers of the booth.    Sporting information was provided to the sportsmen attending, and USP gain several members.


The Erie Sport & Travel Show, Bay Front Convention Center, Erie PA was held on February 28 through March 2, 2014.  USP gained several new members during the show and we give a special thanks to Luke Groelman for taking charge of the show, and the help that manned the display.


USP booth March 2, 2014
USP booth March 2, 2014


USP had a booth at the PIOGA 2014 Eastern Oil & Gas Show May 13 - 14, 2014. The booth was manned Tuesday by President Randy Santucci, V. P. Wayne Haas and Secretary Blaine Toy. Wednesday the booth was manned by Secretary Blaine Toy.

The show was more of a convention/seminar that the shows we normally set up at and attendees were mostly corporate leaders. Most individuals stopping at our booth were urban people and several believed there were too many deer. However when we explained the problem of deer in the urban verses the rural areas most got a much better understanding.

There were several PIOGA members that stop by our booth and thanked us for setting up, so with that in mind the show should be considered a success.

USP Display booth PIOGA Show


USP had a booth at the Sinnemahoning Snake hunt June 14 - 15. 2014. Thanks to Sinnemahoning Sportsmen Club for hosting and Keystone Reptile Club for sponsoring the event, and everyone that attended making the it a success. Thanks to USP booth helpers Pete Kingsley, Mike Strickhouser, Phil Wagner, Fred Bratchie. Charlie Lutz, Dan Stuebgen, Tierney Strickhouser, and Joyce Toy

Thanks to Sherri Wheeler of The Keystone Reptile Club for providing the following information:

Sinnemahoning Snake Hunt Winners Saturday

    Heaviest Black Phase Timber Rattlesnake - James Moore 50 1/2" 3lbs 14 oz
    Heaviest Yellow Phase Timber Rattlesnake - Todd Miller 49 1/2" 3lbs 11 oz
    Heaviest Copperhead - Roy Frank 27" 8 oz
    Heaviest Non Venomous - Keaton Bender 72" Black Rat 2lbs 14oz

Overall Winners

Largest Rattlesnake - James Moore 50 1/2" 3lbs 14 oz
2nd Largest Rattlesnake - Todd Miller 49 1/2" 3lbs 11oz
Largest Copperhead - Bill Bender 33" 10 oz
2nd Largest Copperhead Donna Kime 33" 9 oz
Most Rattles - David Bowers 12 Rattles
Ultimate Snake Hunter - Glen Ellsworth IV - Scored 320 points with snakes he turned in.

Total snakes turned in

20 Timber Rattlesnakes
5 Copperheads
17 Non Venomous

Sinnemahoning Snake Hunt
Sinnemahoning Snake Hunt

USP Booth
USP Booth


The final snake hunt of the season was the 42nd annual Cross Fork snake hunt held on June 28 & 29, 2014. The weather was excellent for the event

USP shared our display area with “All 4 Kids Hunting". We gained many new members and provided information to the attendees. The booth was manned by Pete Kingsley, Mike & Tierney Strickhouser, Fred Bratchie, Charlie Lentz, and Blaine & Joyce Toy.

At the completion of the show the drawing of the raffle tickets was held with attendees pulling the winning tickets

June 29, 2014  Click here

Thanks to Sherri Wheeler of The Keystone Reptile Club

for providing the following information:

Saturday June 28 Snake Hunt Winners
All prizes Saturday were based on weight of snakes

Yellow Phase Timber Rattlesnake Jeffre Wittle 3lbs 5oz
Black Phase Timber Rattlesnake Harry "Skip" Kauffman 4lbs 2oz
Copperhead Gerald "Ed" Kime 14oz
Black Rat (Non Venomous) Travis Labant 2lbs 14ozMost Rattles Chris Helm 14 Rattles

Cross Fork Snake Hunt Overall Winners

Largest Rattlesnake Harry Skip Kauffman 51" 4lb 2oz Timber
2nd Largest Rattlesnake Stacy Yurko 49" 3lb 11oz Timber
Largest Copperhead Donna Kime 34" 1 lb 3 oz
2nd Largest Copperhead Gerald "Ed" Kime 33" 14oz
(This year we changed from longest Rattlesnake and Copperhead to Largest. Hunters get 1 point for every inch and 1 point for every ounce.)

Longest Snake of the Hunt Travis Labant 43" Black Rat Snake

2014 State Champion Snake Hunters

This competition is most inches of snakes turned in at all 5 snake hunts in Pennsylvania. Non Venomous hunters are only allowed 1 of each species of snakes.

Non Venomous Glen Ellsworth IV
Copperhead Donna Kime
Rattlesnakes Keith Mock

Photos  from the 2014 Cross Fork Snake hunt

Click here to view


July 2015 raffle tickets have been received

To Purchase tickets, contact Pete Kingsley (717-471-5820)


We thank everyone that purchased our 2014 raffles

and supported USP, we look forward to

your continued support in 2015.







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