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Important Small games of chance license information.

Written by Skip Young Clarion County Federation of Sportsmen.

I am forwarding communications that should be important to your member clubs and organizations but the main point of concern, which some should already be aware of, is the new amendments that were signed into law by Governor Corbett on February 2, 2012, to the law governing small games of chance. You need to click here and then look at the overview.

Look at it in light of where your revenues come from for your clubs and organizations. This could become so laborious and obtrusive that it might, at minimum, force all clubs to change how they run their business and at the worst force some organizations to go out of business. For example, consider what organizations like Clarion County Sportsmen for Youth (Youth Field Days) and Camo Cares who sponsors "Hunt of A Lifetime" (Tremendous organizations) will now have to do.

Since the legislation is already in effect, I would recommend that you contact the county office issuing your license as well and using the link, above, become familiar with the law, as soon as possible.



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